Kuishin Bo (Suntec City Mall)


Popped by Kuishin Bo to get our Japanese dinner buffet fix! Judging by the long queues outside the restaurant, people still can’t enough of Kuishin Bo and their glorious food spread. It is also best to reserve beforehand, so you can be directed to your seat once you arrive and start chomping down on the food provided. There is a whole range of Japanese food to choose from: sushi, sashimi, seafood, tempura, teppanyaki, noodles and desserts!


The sushi/sashimi counter is probably the busiest counter, where people snatch up prized slices of salmon, tuna and grab the different variations of sushi available. The sashimi are replenished frequently and are quite fresh. The sushi selection includes standard rolls with various fish, unagi, egg and are quite decent.


Perhaps the highlight of the buffet is the abundance of Hokkaido snow crab legs available for consumption. The freshes, juiciest and meatiest parts of crab legs and claws are stacked in rows, and many diners just cannot get enough of them. Kuishin Bo provides the necessary utensils (scissors, crab crackers) for diners to deshell the crab; each table gets a set but you can request for more. I helped myself to multiple servings of Hokkaido snow crab, savouring the fresh, succulent crab meat. Cholesterol levels be damned, for just one night.


There is a variety of hot cooked food to choose from, we sampled the teppanyaki items which were not bad at all. You place your order for barbecued meat, vegetables at the teppanyaki counter and it will be served to your table. Besides the usual hot cooked food (rice, meat, vegetables), they also serve Japanese style dishes like udon and hotpot. You can choose between seafood, beef, mushroom ingredients for your hotpot but do not expect too much, the soup was decent but there wasn’t much ingredients in the actual hotpot.


And for desserts, there is also a large variety of cakes, cream puffs to choose from. There is coffee machine where you can make yourself a cup of coffee or tea to go with the delectable desserts. Don’t forget about the chocolate fondue too! The place can get quite messy with chocolate stains all over the counter, so be careful.

Every kuishin bo experience is not complete without the sounding of their signature jingle song: “Dong Dong Dong, Kuishin Bo”. That signals the arrival of a special limited food item and like Pavlov dogs to ringing bells, people stop what they’re doing/eating, get out of their seats and rush to the main buffet counter where they are giving out their special food item. The first time the bell rang during our stay, we got a small frozen fresh strawberry.


The second time, we got this puff cake which was filled with bean filling which wasn’t too appetizing. We heard the special items can get exotic sometimes, but so far for our visit, we weren’t impressed. But I guess the element of mystery and surprise definitely works up people’s appetite!


Also there is this ongoing lobster promotion: if you reserve beforehand for dinner at this outlet, each diner will be entitled to an additional free serving of lobster. We were treated to a lobster dish drench in dark teriyaki sauce. The lobster decently fresh; we had no trouble prying the lobster meat from its shell, and the fragrant teriyaki flavor actually went well with the thick succulent lobster meat.


I would visit kuishin bo for their free flow fresh seafood, the other items are quite average, but if you are itching to try a variety of food and are not afraid of piling up the calories, this place is for you!


Hong Kong Mongkok Tim Sum @ Chinatown Complex Market

2Located on the second floor in Chinatown Complex Market, this humble dim sum hawker stall whips out decent and fresh dim sum at affordable prices. If you are expecting hotel or restaurant quality dim sum from a hawker centre joint, you might be disappointed. But since the prices charged at the stall are much less than those places, so naturally expectations should be lowered too. But that doesn’t mean freshness and quality is compromised here.

There is a ready stream of customers at this stall and a queue system is implemented to cater to customers. So when you arrive here, you should get a queue number first then wait patiently for your number to flash on the electronic board before proceeding to place your orders. The wait depends on how many people are in front of the queue and also depends on how fast the stall is able to churn out dim sum to meet the orders. Dim sum is freshly made and sold on the day and the stall closes once they have run out of dim sum. I waited about 25 minutes and explored the other stalls in the meantime.

There actually isn’t much food choice from this stall: the 6 main dim sum dishes served are shown on the signboard on the store’s front (Char siew bao, siew mai, har gow, chicken feet, prawn and char siew chee cheong fun). Each dim sum item costs $2 and it’s really cheap and good! All dim sum is also freshly taken from the steamer, so they are served piping hot!

1Char Siew Bao ($2 for 3 pieces) is incredibly fluffy and soft when it’s warm. Not like those hard, dense overly sticky buns you might get elsewhere. The fillings are a nice surprise- the char siew filling is really fragrant and juicy. The char siew meat had been diced into smaller pieces and you can taste the roasted meat which complements the nice sweet red marinade sauce.3

Siew Mai and Har Gow ($2 for 3 pieces of each kind): Siew Mai was not bad- each bite is filled with chunky pieces of fresh, succulent pork. The har gow is also fantastic- the prawn pieces inside were really fresh and crunchy. The outer skin was neither too thin nor too thick; just enough to encase the prawn fillings and complement the prawn fillings.


Prawn cheong fun ($2) was really tasty too- the rice noodle roll was really smooth and each roll contained generous portions of chopped chunky fresh prawns. The soya sauce provided the main bulk of flavouring for the dish and it really enhances the dish with its salty, sweet combination of flavours.

Although you might have to brave the queue and the stuffy atmosphere of the food centre, this is nonetheless a great place for your fix of affordable dim sum! Do note they close on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Hong Kong Mongkok Tim Sum

335 Smith Street, #02-097 Chinatown Complex Market

Eat @ Taipei, JCube

An important thing to note about this eatery- it is located right next to the ice skating rink and gusts of cold air will naturally sweep into the eatery. I was not aware of this the first time I visited and as we were seated near the rink, I felt really cold throughout my meal. The next time I visit, I will come prepared with a jacket. I suspect people who are more heat averse will enjoy the additional air conditioning boost.

The colourful signboards bear the name of this eatery and the wooden tables and chairs in this place tries to replicate the night market scene in Taipei. The Taipei subway map is laminated onto the tables and the menus provided nice descriptions about the origins of street food served in here.

There were unfortunately some hits and misses during our visit here. Since I was filling really cold, I decided I needed to have a nice hot dish to warm me up. So I ordered their Vermicelli with Oysters and Pigs Intestines ($6.90).

This was unfortunately a let down. Visually, it didn’t look as appealing as the menu picture they showed. While the mee sua was soft and slurp worthy, the sauce didn’t really match up. Unfortunately, the sauce was a little too watery and was too salty. The pig intestines were fresh and chewy, but I was only able to scoop up only a few pieces in my dish. Perhaps this particular dish is a little overpriced, and I might be able to get something of similar quality (or even better) at the Shilin snack stores.

We also had Sweet Potato Fries ($3.90), a dish I actually enjoyed eating. Sweet potatoes lend themselves a nice sweet, starchy flavor which surprisingly tastes really good when cut and fried into western fries. The outer layer is fried to a nice, crispy golden orangey hue, but retains a soft chewy texture inside. This dish comes with an intriguing sour plum powder dip, which surprisingly enhances the flavor of the sweet potato fries!

Eat @ Taipei, JCube, #03-03/18

Bake A Singapore!

Bake a Singapore was a National Day community event held on 4 Aug 2012, Serangoon CC organized by PAYM. Together with their partners and volunteers, the team aimed to create a whopping 5m x 8m Singapore flag mosaic made entirely out of cookies!

This was their progress at 5pm. Almost done and by 7.30pm when the flag was finally completed, it would take the coveted title of the World’s Largest Flag Mosaic in Guinness Records.

Guess how many cookies were needed? 22,500. Every cookie was painstakingly baked by hand a day before the event, even the organizers’ hands and clothes were visibly stained by the red dye used in the baking process. So the red cookies were coated with red icing, while the white cookies were coated with white chocolate!

Five stars arising! (Crescent is coming up soon!)

While the volunteers neatly put every cookie in place, people were welcomed to take a look at the progress of the cookie flag formation and were treated to Free Ben&Jerrys, balloon sculptures for kids, and even manicures in red and white.

I was highly impressed by the team’s commitment and tenacity to pull off such a huge scale cookie bake-off. Isn’t this a great way to show your love for SG?

Thanks Sandy for the invite!